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Cost of Switching to or Installing a New VOIP Telephone System in NYC

The initial installation or converting to a VOIP telephone system is just about the same price of installing a traditional (POTS) analog telephone system.

Approximately $4000- $6000. The cost savings in the long run works out in the favor of the digital systems. Voice over IP systems traditionally pay for themselves in cost savings within the first year of use. 

The greatest price differences between analog and digital systems will show up with the handsets that the office decides to purchase.

These newer systems have many multi media capabilities that traditional phones do not offer. The Average costs per trunk (phone line) is usually around $20 or less per month.

There are many advantages of installing a VOIP system as opposed to a traditional analog system. The coolest upgrade we love is the ability to send and receive text messeges and clients and patients, both from the phone and office computers. You also will have the ability to cnswer calls through an app on most mobile devices.

More advanced systems allow video conferencing.

If you are doing a new dental office or medical office construction or even if you have an existing speaker system, more and more dentists and doctors are migrating to the Amazon alexa smart devices.

With the cost savings and convenience that smart speakers provide, this decision is a no brainer.

Here are some pros and cons

VOIP Digital Telephone System Installations NYC.


If you are constructing a new medical or dental office. One of the most important decisions you will need to make is what type of telephone system to utilize.

With systems becoming more digital, analog telphones systems are out of date and expensive. All new dental and medical office installations should naturally adopt a digital telephone system.

The most important aspect of installing a Voice Over Internet protocil telephone system is choosing your service provider. Most of the local internet providers will bundle their phone services at an affordable price, locking you into a long term contract. The downside of signing up with these packages is with will need to install an analog system in order to be compatible with their modems.

With a VOIP installation the only service you will need from your standard lopcal provider (cablevision, Verizon, optimum, roadrunner, etc) will be internet service.


We also Service and Support the OpenDental Practice Management System.

opendental logo

Looking for a computer technician that is familiar with the OpenDental software system? We do OpenDental software installations and upgrades.

Want to move your server to another computer?

Do you need to move your OpenDental software to another server? We can help. Has your OpenDental server crashed? Call us today.

 Interested in taking your OpenDental Software to the next level? Would you like to be able to send text messages to patients directly from the program?

Do you want to add a schedule now button to your website and have the schedules update automatically?

Crisis Management.

One of the worse things you can expect coming in to work on a Monday morning, after a long relaxing weekend is to come in to a frozen workstation,server or server crash. These incidents usually appear when windows automatically updates and restarts servers that are online. So when staff comes into the office on Monday they are usually greeted to unwelcome crashes.

We are available 24/7 for your office emergencies*

At Shortcircuited computer services we assist in disastery recovery. We specialize in helping solve"Cybersecurity website image 1 e1466515793228

  • Server crashes (windows and others)
  • Server Hard Drive Crash
  • Operating System Crashes
  • RAID Recovery and Setup Services
  • PBX crash outages
  • VOIP Server outages
  • Dentrix Crash (pre version G8 only)
  • Dental / Medical office Server Crash Windows.
  • Workstation crash
  • Virus attacks
  • Ransomware attacks
  • Recover from a ransomware attack
  • Move dentrix to another server
  • Ransomware negotiation servicesin case you cannot restore from backup.
  • Ransomware Prevention. Security Hardening.
  • Backup and Recovery
  • Server Lock Down

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