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One of the problems I had in trying to get EZ Dent 4 xray program to the cloud, is the database it is modeled on, is very old. EZ Dent 4 uses mssql and most cloud providers do not support such ancient systems.

The first step will be to back up your ezdent 4 database.

The ezdent 4 programs is basically 2 programs. One program stores the patient database and the other program (file server) manages and retrieves patient images.

Programs needed

Microsoft Server Management Studio

An account with Microsoft Azure.


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A step by step guide to getting your Dental Office onto the Cloud Using Amazon Web Servicesaws 2

 Backing up your programs

 Moving the Xray software

 Moving open dental practice management software to amazon web services

Moving Ezdent i Xray Management Software to the Cloud

Backup and Restore EzDent 4

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