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We Install Audio* and Video Surveillance Systems (nanny cams)

Short Circuited’s NYC video security camera installations are done by professional installers that have expertise in the business of installing video security systems.

A site survey is usually necessary to determine where exactly each camera is to be installed. Customers can also send us videos of the areas they need cameras installed and this can give us an initial assessment of the site.

Also what type of camera is the most appropriate for that location.  With the customer's  feedback regarding the areas of coverage - field of view .


Visible security camera can also be a deterrent to thieves. Most criminals look for vulnerable targets. Visible security cameras makes most criminals think twice.




We also install a wide variety and styles of hiden cameras. Cameras can be hidden in clocks, smoke alarms and a variety of different devices.

One of our more popular models is the smoke alarm hidden camera

 The downside of using these types of cameras is that they are battery operated and require on board storage that needs to be changed often.

We also install hidden for businesses in the New York City/ Brooklyn area.

A video security system consists of a DVR to store the data, necessary wiring, cameras and their accompanying power supplies. Most if not all new video systems come with color and night vision. It is rare to find black and white only cameras.


Wireless camaras can also be used with an in house DVR or the storage can be cloud based with systems like the Nest. Wireless cameras are easier to install because the long wiring to the cameras are done away with, and all they will need is a power source. Wireless systems integrateinto your existing wireless network. If you do not have a wireless network then you will need to purchase a wireless router.

For businesses we recommend Sonicwall routers. See example below.


Call Us Today at 347-791-3311 to have a security specialist assess your property

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