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Using Alexa Smart Devices in your Business or Dental Office

If you are doing a new dental office or medical office construction or even if you have an existing speaker system, more and more dentists and doctors are migrating to the Amazon alexa smart devices.

With the cost savings and convenience that smart speakers provide, this decision is a no brainer.

Here are some pros and cons



From a technical standpoint these are very simple to install and you would not need a technician to come to the office to hard wire in the speakers.

Patients love them!

The video screens can be a valuable distraction for patients

They can interact with the patients when youre not in the operatory. (Someone should make a dental chatbot)


They easily walk away. Theft of these devices from offices sometimes happen. But they are easily tracked.

They can get damaged easily if staff does not clean and maintain properly. Keep away from water sources.

A video security system may need to be installed to protect these devices , but they also have the extra added benefit of protecting the entire office.

 Most clients without video capabilities in their operatories like the echo view device below.

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