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How to move the back of your Easydent 4 X Ray Database

The default location of the program is C:\EasyDent4

The database files are stored in C:\Easydent4\DB

The xray files are stored in C:\EasyDent4\File Server\Files

Before you start copying or moving the database the file server will need to be stopped.

file server stop

Also the database service will need to be stopped 



mssql service

There are two sets of files you need to copy if you are moving the database.

First you will need to copy the actual database, Highlight all files in the folder above then copy and paste to your backup location. When the copy process is finished restart the MSSQL Server Service.

ezdent 4 database files


Next you would need to copy the actual image files. The actual xray images are stored in C:\EasyDent4\File Server\Files.

Copy these folders over to your backup or new location


The process will have to be reversed when restoring to a new server.

Install the EzDent 4 program and database server with a blank database.

After the installation process reboot your machine. Once in stop the MSSQL Server and file server as above. Then you can copy your backed up database into the new location.

Once files are fully copied restart both services.

Welcome to your restored database.


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