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How to Keep Your Files Safe

As more and more people get into using their computers for more than just internet browsing and Solitaire there is an obvious gap in service as far as file backups go.  People are accumulating thousands of photographs, MP3’s and other important files like resumes.  Most large businesses have a good backup policy, but it can be pretty expensive.  For the longest time small businesses and home users have had no real option to back up their files.  Some people went and bought external hard drives to back up their files but they can have a high failure rate as well.  Some people burn data to CD’s but they are easily lost or damaged.  Even if you choose one of the above backup methods everything is still on site at your home, what if something happened to your home or office, a fire, a flood, a disgruntled family member or former employee?  Off site back up is the only really truly safe way to backup your files in a safe and secure way.

What are all of your pictures worth to you?  What are all of your movies and MP3’s worth?  Anyone who has gone through a hard drive crash would tell you they wished they had a backup.  The team here at Be Your Own IT has gone through our share as well, as recently as 1 month ago we had a hard drive with 35,000 songs on it crash…. At $1.00 a song well, you can do the math, of course we have a Mozy account and everything was safe and sound.  There are a few alternatives to using an online backup system:

•  Burn a new CD or DVD every Sunday night and store it at your brother-in-law's office.
•  Pay $200/year for an online backup service that uses old, mediocre software.
•  Buy a $200 external hard drive and hope your office doesn't burn down.
•  Do nothing and don't worry about backup. (“Ignorance is Bliss isn’t it?.")

Either way none of these solutions really fix the issue.  Lets face it even if you choose one of these methods who can remember to do it all the time, who has the time to get around to backing up their files?  The real solution is finding a secure, affordable, online backup system to protect your photos, music, outlook email files, address book, movies, and other important documents, we have found that solution and it is Mozy.  The best part is they even let you try it for free, and not one of those weak 100MB trials, you get a full 2GB, enough to backup thousands of music and photo files!  If you are looking for an safe secure backup system for all of your computers files we suggest trying out Mozy, we have and we LOVE it, below is a link to get your two free GB today, no setup fee, no credit cards, and no expiration.

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