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Ransomware Malware Targeting Medical and Dental Offices

We are bringing this urgent alert of a very serious threat to your practice's sensitive patient data.

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Our office has been inundated with many calls of a malware called cryptolocker

What this malicious program does is, it encrypts all of the files on your computer and displays a ransom notice that if $500 worth of Bitcoin is not sent to a specified address within 3 days all of your files will be lost.

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Start Accepting Bitcoin in your Dental/Medical Office or Small Business today!!

What is Bitcoin?

accept bitcoin in your businessBitcoin is a form of virtual currency.

Bitcoin is a very secure and inexpensive way to handle payments. It is very quickly becoming an acceptable form of payment for goods and services and to date many huge sellers are starting to adopt this as a form of payment.Amazon, fiverr etc.
If you are opening or constructing a new dental or medical office this can be used as a "gimmick" to attract new patients.
Bitcoin offers the lowest fees out there. Period! Without a doubt.

Bitcoin's high cryptographic security allows it to process transactions in a very efficient and inexpensive way. You can make and receive payments using the Bitcoin network with almost no fees. In most cases, fees are not strictly required but they are recommended for faster confirmation of your transaction.
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