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Will Your Practice Survive if Your Computer Crashes?

If you can not answer this question with 100% confidence that a fire, theft or natural disaster that destroys your office, much less a computer crash, would not bring your practice to its knees, then you need to take action now!

Where is your Critical Data Stored?

80%+ of Practices Are Wrong

If your office is like 80% of those we have seen, computer backup is something that has been discussed, but little action has been taken.

Most offices still think a 3.5″ floppy disk slapped in a computer it taking care of backing up their computer systems.

The more thoughtful offices have actually come up with a computer backup process. This typically consists of an external hard drive that files are copied onto.

This is a great first step to backing up your computer. The issue is still…

What if Your Office Burns Down Tonight?

Again, we’ve seen many practices handle this situation by having an employee take that external hard drive home at night.

This opens Your Practice to multiple HIPAA Violations.

What would happen if that employee is robbed and the hard drive stolen? Do you know what to do next?

At, we focus on one thing: computer and network backup for businesses that have compliance issues they must uphold.

We are experts

In HIPAA data backup regulations and those requirements that are put on medical offices (or any business that deals with ePHI) for disaster recovery, data backup and off site computer backup. The Department of Health and Human Services has a very stringent set of rules, HIPAA, that govern many aspects of a medical office. Additionally, the HITECH Act is complicating the process even more.

We have simplified the entire process:

  • We talk with you (or your IT person) and figure out what exactly needs to be backed up.
  • We install our Online Backup Software and configure it to backup your critical data to your EHR/PM Vendor specific best practices.
  • Nobody in your office has to learn anything.

With one click, you can bring a whole section of your business into compliance and greatly reduce stress.

Here’s what you do next:


The Easiest way to Fullfill 7 HHS HIPAA Requirements.

CompliantBackup will ensure your office complies with these 7 HIPAA regulations.

We provide office with full documentation of compliance making your life that much easier.

The Security Rule (section 164) specifically requires, among other things,that the following safeguards be used to protect ePHI:


1. Data Backup Plan – 164.308(a)(7)(ii)(A)
2. Disaster Recovery Plan – 164.308(a)(7)(II)(B)
3. Emergency Mode Operations Plan – 164.308(a)(7)(II)(C)
4. Emergency Access Procedures – 164.312(a)(2)(ii)
5. Data Backup and Storage – 164.310(d)(2)(iv)
6. Contingency Operations – 164.310(a)(2)(i)
7. Encryption & Decryption – 164.312(a)(2)(iv)

For each of these security requirements, supports you in your compliance efforts:

1. Data Backup Plan – HIPAA regulations require you to backup your data.  Additionally, storing your backup off site is the best defense against unexpected disasters.  Off site backup is one of the best ways to protect your practice and reduce your risk from data losses. Your data backup plan should include CompliantBackup’s Easy Online Backup Manager, the most secure, cost-effective choice for data backup…and there is nothing to learn–no training.  Our backup service is full service – that means we do it all for you!

2. Disaster Recovery Plan – In this uncertain world, a disaster recovery plan is worth its weight in gold, especially where critical patient data is involved. After a disaster; secure and immediate access to your data is crucial element of the disaster recovery process.  If your servers go down or get damaged, rely on CompliantBackup to keep your data safe and accessible whenever and wherever you need it.

3. Emergency Mode Operations Plan – Some disasters and emergencies are more than just a server crash, but an actual disaster.   If you have to execute your Emergency Mode Ops Plan, it means you’re dealing with an extended outage of your normal operations. In such a scenario, CompliantBackup’s Easy Online Backup Manager is your most reliable and secure data resource. You can run your operations from almost anywhere as long as you have your data. And nobody provides safer, more secure storage and access to your data than CompliantBackup’s Online Backup Manager.

4. Emergency Access Procedures – Emergency access may be needed for any number of reasons: a fire or flood in your building; a sudden legal challenge; or the death of a key IT employee. Just as with Emergency Mode Operations and Disaster Recovery, CompliantBackup’s facilitates secure, 24/7 access to your data whenever and wherever you need it.

5. Data Backup and Storage – Threats to your data can come from many directions: human error; theft or sabotage; device failures; etc. That’s why an essential requirement of HIPAA’s Security Rule is data backup and storage. Don’t make the mistake of storing and backing up you data on your own site. Experts universally agree that offsite storage, done right, is more secure than onsite storage, and reduces your risk of data loss. With CompliantBackup’s Easy Online Backup Manager, you can restore your data in mere seconds, all the way back to when you first started with our Online Backup Manager, from any day, on any file.

6. Contingency Operations – As with Emergency Mode Operations, Contingency Operations require you to keep working under difficult circumstances. When your operating environment is uncertain or in flux, CompliantBackup’s Easy Online Backup Manager is your rock-solid data resource, protecting your digital assets from hackers, natural disasters, or just a simple computer crash every day of the year.

7. Encryption & Decryption – Because it protects data from prying eyes, encryption and decryption were made an essential HIPAA requirement. CompliantBackup’s Online Backup Manager’s process compresses and encrypts prior to transmitting over a secure internet channel (SSL), so rest assured your data is safe. Our 128-bit SSL encryption is 100% guaranteed. CompliantBackup’s Online Backup Manager Helps You Fulfill Your HIPAA Compliance Requirements with it’s online backup. Like HIPAA Compliance itself, protecting your critical data is a huge responsibility. Because we built our systems and services for specifically for security and privacy, HIPAA Covered Entities can rely on our Online Backup Manager to blend seamlessly with their HIPAA compliance efforts.

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