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Dental Office & General Website Portfolio

These are a list of websites that we have worked on over the years. Very old list. Just Updating this in 2019. I will leave in the old sites but remove any seo link juice to them, and add the new ones.

If you understand SEO you will understand why they are labelled the way they are. 

New York City Dental Implant Dentist: (Dr Douglas Magner. Awesome dentist. Still in business)

Brooklyn Invisalign Dentist: (where is this guy)

Knicks Team Dentist: (Passed away. RIP Dr Bergofin)

Weiss Dental Group: Dr Weiss. Awesome dentist!


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Computer Repair & Dental/Medical Office Website Design


Welcome to our 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A week,Computer Repair & Computer Networking Service Firm. Our Ever Open Computer Store is @ Your Service.

We Repair Most Computer Brands & Makes .

We Offer a Flat Rate Computer Repair Service.

Free Onsite Visits & Free House Call Visits.

We offer Free Pickups & Free Drop Offs for Computer Repairs in most of areas in NY.

Our Computer Repair Engineers do not Charge for visiting !!! You are only charged for actual labor !!!

Dont forget to ask about our 6 Month Warranty on our Computer Repair Services .

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Welcome to short circuited computer services. Please use the form below to email us

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