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opendental setup on amazon web servicesHow to Setup an Open Dental Server on the Cloud Setup Using AWS

Below are general guidelines for setting up a cloud hosted server, then setting up to an Open Dental server.

To store images and documents in the cloud we use Amazon S3 services with encryption enabled.

There are a few companies who offer virtual servers that you can use to set up Opendental, we will be using Amazon Web Services (AWS): and the EC2 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Web Service (Amazon EC2).

Below are the general setup steps to be followed


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Cost of Switching to or Installing a New VOIP Telephone System in NYC

The initial installation or converting to a VOIP telephone system is just about the same price of installing a traditional (POTS) analog telephone system.

Approximately $4000- $6000. The cost savings in the long run works out in the favor of the digital systems. Voice over IP systems traditionally pay for themselves in cost savings within the first year of use. 

The greatest price differences between analog and digital systems will show up with the handsets that the office decides to purchase.

These newer systems have many multi media capabilities that traditional phones do not offer. The Average costs per trunk (phone line) is usually around $20 or less per month.

There are many advantages of installing a VOIP system as opposed to a traditional analog system. The coolest upgrade we love is the ability to send and receive text messeges and clients and patients, both from the phone and office computers. You also will have the ability to cnswer calls through an app on most mobile devices.

More advanced systems allow video conferencing.

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Using Alexa Smart Devices in your Business or Dental Office

If you are doing a new dental office or medical office construction or even if you have an existing speaker system, more and more dentists and doctors are migrating to the Amazon alexa smart devices.

With the cost savings and convenience that smart speakers provide, this decision is a no brainer.

Here are some pros and cons

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