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MacBook Pro LCD Price List

If you are not experienced with the different types of MacBook Pros out there, it could be very hard to identify the model by just looking at it.

 The fastest and easiest way to determine what model you have is by looking at the serial number that is located on every device’s surface.

You can also find this information in the About This Mac window in almost any version of the MacBook Pro. Other ways to look up the model number is by looking at your original packaging if you still have it.

f you purchased your MacBook Pro straight from Apple or another authorized third party retailer, you can find the serial number on your receipt or invoice. Look at one of these places and then match which model number it goes with from the following list:

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Need a Tech To Set up your Amazon Connect Instance in NYC?

 We are an experienced cloud technology support center, located in Brooklyn NYC.

Why choose us:

We are certified Amazon Cloud Specialists.

We are local.

Everything is moving to the cloud





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For the first time in history Bitcoin is about to top $60,000


 On March 13th 2021 Bitcoin will top $60,000.00

A high of $59,868 happened at 3-13-2021 6am




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A team of German neuroscientists from the Humboldt University of Berlin spent several weeks hanging out with rodents in a small room filled with boxes. They were playing human-vs-rodent hide-and-seek and found out the animals were surprisingly adept at the cross-cultural childhood game. They weren’t even given treats as a reward, rather, they were given attention in the form of friendly petting and tickles.

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In preparation for the inaguartion of President Joseph Biden. Facebook has set out on a mass campaign of silencing dissenters.

China style.

Yeah we all know about the big accounts like President Donald Trump and his minions. But facebook has also now coming against outspoken members on its platform. Specifically prominent atheists. Yes I am one of them. Admins from fellow Atheist groups have reported similar issues.

Imagine my shock when I fired up my facebook account to be greeted with the messages below.

The stranglehold that these companies exert over our discourse is so dominant that their censorship amounts to effective suppression of the reporting.

Whatever that is, it is not democratic or something to cheer.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez Raises  over $185,000 for Hungry Kids and Rent Eviction Relief while Streaming the Video Game 'Among Us' on Twitch. 

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Politicians are getting smart and are starting to use Twitch as a fund raising source.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and the leader of the New Canadian Democratic Party Jagmeet Singh Raised  over $185,000 for Hungry Kids and Rent Eviction Relief while streaming a video game (Among Us) on Twitch. She had initially planned to stream for 2 hours but ended up streaming for a total of 6 hours. We have all heard of youtube streamers making insane amounts of money playing video games online. In order to this you have to be able to keep people entertained. AOC did not disappoint!

I have been saying this to myself since her first stream  a few weeks ago (before the elections), Why doesn't she do this more often? Can you think of a more effective fund raising method as a politician? As an added benefit this is another way to connect with her constituents. Seriously It's a no brainer. And if we bring grandpa Bernis on the stream we can easily get one million people online. You guys should do it and test out the Twitch infrastructure.

Then my next headline would be "AOC and Bernie Breaks Twitch!"

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Types of SMD Board Components

Pictures of SMD Components

SMD components (Surface Mount Devices) are the electronic function parts,  which are soldered to the circuit board by surface mount technology. There are many types of SMD components, and each type is packaged in different forms, which results in the huge SMD components library.

Here we will briefly introduce the types of the SMD components we often us. 

The Types of SMD Components

According to the function of SMD components, they can be classified as follows, the letters in brackets represent their identification on the PCB.

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