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Scammers Portray Charitable Giving for Hurricane Harvey Victims

It’s unfortunate this article even has to be written. But it does. Hurricane Harvey has wreaked havoc throughout Texas, and it is clear the storm has not yet passed. It is now, when our country works together to bring some kind of peace to those victims. Often times, that peace comes through charitable donations. Scammers know this. If you choose to donate to the victims of hurricane Harvey, it is important you do so through legitimate avenues. There have already been numerous GoFundMe accounts established to help the victims. However, it is incredibly easy to set up another one that anyone can be behind. There have also been sponsored ads on social media platforms with donation links.


If you want to make a donation to help the victims of hurricane Harvey, it is important you do so through a legitimate source. Therefore, it is recommended you forego charity campaigns found on charity websites and sponsored ads and donate directly through organizations such as the American Red Cross.

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Our thoughts continue to be with the victims of hurricane Harvey.

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