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bitcoin accepted hereSetup Your Business to Accept Bitcoin & Crypto Transactions

The first  and most important step will be to get a secure wallet provider.

Coinbase offers everything you will need to start accepting payments. There are many more providers out there but they are the 800 pound gorilla in the industry to date.

Square and Robinhood has crypto capabilities but they are not quite as polished yet.

And thats basically it. That's the whole article really. Lol!

Then you will need to get banners telling people you accept Bitcoin.

Sign Up for an Account @ Coinbase here


Bitcoin/Crypto Transactions

Bitcoin transactions are done using QR codes  or you can even enter bitcoin addresses manually.

The customer enters the amount of money he wants to send, he scans your business code then sends the money to you.

After that you wait for the payment to clear the block chain network.Transactions typically take 5-10 minutes to clear. So if you are looking for a super speedy form of payment, this is NOT it.

You will get an initial notification of payment from the network in about two minutes once you receive that notification you can pretty much be assured that the payment will be cleared.  You can then dismiss your client .

Staff training

Next you would need to train your staff on how to operate the payment app.


Book a Bitcoin Technician

If you need a technician to come out to your business to either set up or train we provide that service

The entire package to send a technician out to your business to set up crypto payments will be $500 that includes setting up the app, staff training. We also have flyers that you can place around your business (request in advance) 


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