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Repair Your Computer during the Corona Virus Outbreak in New York City

We at Shortcircuited have been preparing for the corona virus outbreak to arrive in New York City since December 2019.

We will remain open in any quarantines the city may implement . If there is no lock down in New York City below are the safety procedures we would like all of our clients to follow.

Similar small businesses in New York City should follow similar procedures


  • Wash hands before you come to the shop and as soon as you arrive wash your hands on premise.
  • We will make hand sanitizer available for use.
  • Wipe your machine down with alcohol before you bring it to the shop
  • Wear face masks. We have face masks for sale at the shop.
  • No personal greetings like handshakes, hugging etc.


Call or text us at

347-791-3311 or (voice only) 1 877-311-9423

If you have any concerns that you need addressed.

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