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Deleting your computers cookies & browser history is a great way to protect your online privacy. This only takes a few seconds, and can be done whenever you feel it is necessary. Here is how to complete the process in two of the most popular web browsers:

Internet Explorer

* Open Internet Explorer.
* From the “Tools” menu, select “Internet Options.”
* The default “General” tab has buttons that allow you to “Delete Cookies” and “Delete History.”
* If you want a little more control over the cookies your system accumulates, click “Settings” followed by “View Objects.”
* You can select all of the cookies in the following window and delete them from your system one by one; however, this is mainly intended for people who are having performance issues with their PC. This should not be done regularly.
* If this is your first time deleting the cookies from your computer, it may take a while to complete the task.

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