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setup receptionist to work from home

A Step By Step Guide to Set Up Your Dental Receptionist to Work @ Home During the Corona Virus Outbreak NYC.

With dental offices forced to close during the Corona Virus outbreak in NYC, we have come up with a way to enable employees to work from the comfort of their homes. Using remote desktop a dental receptonist or biller could duplicate her regular work desktop  from the comfort of their homes.

Using a combination of port forwarding, the windows registry editor and RDP a large office can easily transfer the individual desktops of their staff members.

Staff then their carry on their workloads at their homes

There are a few ways you can do this. If you have a windows server opersting system you can set up remote users then have staff log in. In this setup we will be done using free tools. Most Microsoft machines already come with remote desptop connection installed.

The first step will be to make sure that remote desktop is enabled. For windows 10 type into the search bar "remote desktop settings"remote desktop settings2

Select remote desktop settings. Upon windows open enable the slider for remote connections.

remote desktop settings

The next step we change the default port address that windows uses for RDP which is #3389. There is a detailed article we wrote on how to do that here. (Change RDP Port in Windows 10 and Prevent Malicious Hackers From Getting In) It is important you do not assign a port that windows uses. Ports in the 6000 and 9000 range are generally free. We will assign port 6666 for this exercise.

The next step will be the use the ipconfig command to obtain the computers current IP address. Write this number down as you will need it for the last step.   

In the last step you will ned to log into your router and forward the port we chose (6666) to the IP address we wrote down earlier.

To connect to the workstation remotely open remote desktop connection. Enter your public facing IP address followed by the individual port you set. See sample image below.

remote desktop connection


If you need assistance setting this up feel free to call us today!

We are able to set this up remotely for your business in about 15 minutes for $85



Future topics:

  • Remote Timeclock
  • Group Collaboration
  • VOIP Telephones


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