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Negative Pressure Rooms for Dental Offices

For diseases that travel through the air, like COVID-19, special isolation rooms are essential for controlling pathogens and to make  sure they stay contained to one location , rather than spreading to other locations. They’re called “airborne infection isolation rooms,” or negative pressure rooms. You’ve probably read about them in stories about hospitals treating Corona viruscases. They create a crucial barrier between extremely infectious people and everyone else.
In a dental environment ALL patients should be considered as infectious. So universal precautions are necessary.

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Setup Your Dental Office To Communicate with Your Patients Remotely During the Corona Virus Outbreak.

Gov Cuomo has ordered dental offices to be open for emergency services only.  Instead of closing your dental office completely smart dentists have been setting up remote dental consultations.

Once you are connected to your office remotely (see here) you as the provider will be able to access patient xrays and consultation notes to give peoper diagnoses to your current patients. The challenge comes in when you need to see a new patient.

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What is Teledentistry?

Teledentistry is a remote service providing patients with dental health care solutions. The sole purpose of this service is to improve access to dentistry for patients living in outlying areas far from dental care or do not have access to dentistry services where they live.

Teledentistry offers a broad spectrum of solutions delivered to remote patients via video conferencing or telephone connections.

Patients can communicate with licensed dentists remotely at their convenience, gathering the required information they need before seeking out care from a local dentist in person.

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