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Specializing in Helping Businesses Remove Ransomware & Restore Encrypted Files.

We at Shortcircuited Computer Services saw our first ransomware attack 6.5 years ago.

In 2013 ransomware attacks were new and not prevalent and most companies had no clue on how to deal with infections.

Once attacked there are basically two options. Restore from a backup or pay the ransom.

That's it. Sometimes you may get lucky and find decryptors online

Because of these limited options we at Shortcircuited are more focused on hack prevention as opposed to the data recovery aspect. Protect your valuable data against the recent worms.

Call us at 347-791-3311 if your office machines are infected with ransomware.

A technician will respond to your inquiries as soon as possible.

Ransomware mediation services in events that there is no decryptor.

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  Guaranteed Ransomware Removal


  • Standing by 24/7. We’re available anytime to take a call or request. We know you business needs help fast, and we’re standing by.
  • Fast Removal. We’ll diagnose the extent of the virus and eradicate Ransomware within a few hours, in most cases. We understand how important this is to your business.
  • File Recovery. Every situation is unique. Our cyber experts are brilliant at restoring your files. Doing it without cybersecurity experts can cause you to lose your files permanently.
  • Don’t Pay the Ransom. Paying criminals a ransom doesn’t guarantee you’ll get your data back. Paying-up is a risk you don’t want to take. Let our experts handle the situation for you.
  • Trusted Ransomware Removal Experts. We’re arguable the best. Our trusted experts solve issues others cannot and work with business of all sizes – from small business to company’s with hundreds of computers.
  • Guaranteed Results or It’s Free. We guarantee to remove the ransomware or the Ransomware Removal Service is FREE . We’re confident we can help.  
Call 347-791-3311 set up an appointment for a free assessment of your company's risk exposure to cyber attacks.
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