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Computer, Server and Electronic Damage Assessmentcomputer equipment insurance claim adjuster

Shortcircuited provides detailed analysis of all equipment involved in a disaster from what needs to be replaced to what can be salvaged and which items are unaffected. 

Many times, the true cost of replacement exceeds the cost of hardware, because additional costs have to be taken into consideration, such as, configuration, software, warranty, maintenance contracts, data recovery, etc. The “true” cost of replacing an item can far outweigh the list price.

Shortcircuited provides contents replacement valuation services for all types of technical equipment whether in a small residence or large corporate office.  

Our technical consultants deal with home theaters, server racks and rooms, data centers, computer labs and many other types of technology.

Many times a vendor gives a quote for a complete system replacement when it may not be necessary.


We do damage assessments for:

  • Flood damage
  • Fire damage
  • Ransomware attacks
  • Accidental Damage
  • Manufacturer's Defects Claims



Services provided

  • Photos of equipment involved in the loss

  • A line by line detailed inventory including make, model, serial number

  • Amount of equipment and conditions with notes and extras (such as batteries)

  • Which items are damaged and which are not

  • Current and accurate replacement pricing as of the report date

  • Totals of all items to be replaced

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