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Uninstall Kaspersky AntiVirus Software From Your Systems.kaspersky antivirus russian spy software

MSNBC reports tonight (7-28-2017) that it has exposed ties between Kaspersky labs and cyber forces within the Russian Government . Specifically the Russian Spy agency FSB.

U.S. government officials, including the Senate Intelligence Committee and members of the intelligence community are allegedly concerned that the Russian-headquartered security software manufacturer Kaspersky Lab might be colluding with the Russian government, claims the company denies and the cybersecurity community has never put much stock into.

Homeland Security, reports ABC News, issued a secret warning to avoid use of the company's products in February.

This isn't the first time someone has accused Kaspersky Lab of potentially using its software to undermine America. Similar allegations came out in 2015, when Bloomberg published a piece describing Eugene Kaspersky's friendship with government officials including those from the FSB - the Russian intelligence agency.

"I know Eugene and many of his GReAT team. All excellent and reputable," tweeted the cybersecurity consultant Jeffrey Carr who runs the Suits and Spooks intelligence conference.

We don't know what Homeland Security or the intelligence community knows, but we do know what allegations have been made in the past.

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Specializing in Helping Businesses Remove Ransomware & Restore Encrypted Files.

We at Shortcircuited Computer Services saw our first ransomware attack 6.5 years ago.

In 2013 ransomware attacks were new and not prevalent and most companies had no clue on how to deal with infections.

Once attacked there are basically two options. Restore from a backup or pay the ransom.

That's it. Sometimes you may get lucky and find decryptors online

Because of these limited options we at Shortcircuited are more focused on hack prevention as opposed to the data recovery aspect. Protect your valuable data against the recent worms.

Call us at 347-791-3311 if your office machines are infected with ransomware.

A technician will respond to your inquiries as soon as possible.

Ransomware mediation services in events that there is no decryptor.

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What is a Red Team

How Secure Are Your Defenses?
Red Teaming, Pen Testing & Social Engineering

In military jargon, the term Red Team is traditionally used to identify highly skilled and organized groups acting as fictitious rivals and/or enemies to the “regular” forces, the Blue Team.
Whenever we discuss Information Security from a defensive point of view, we are inclined to think about protection, damage control, and reaction.

However, adopting an attacker’s mindset can effectively help businesses enhance their chances of securing themselves against ever-changing threats.

In military jargon, the term Red Team is traditionally used to identify highly skilled and organized groups acting as fictitious rivals and/or enemies to the “regular” forces, the Blue Team.


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Recommended Security devices.

 Sonicwall Routers with cgss subscription

Malwarebytes anti malware



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Protecting your data from hackers

You’ve probably got a lot of important data stored on your company computers: customer credit card numbers, confidential reports for your employees, and countless emails (some of which are full of harsh zingers directed at your biggest competitors).

Needless to say, none of this is information you want made publichow to protect your data from hackers or destroyed. So are you taking enough precautions to protect your data?

According to a recent survey from AVG [PDF], six out of seven small businesses in the US and UK have absolutely no Internet security measures in place, and could be at risk of a major security breach. If you fall into that group, here are ten things you can do to get back on the security track:


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cyber security risk threat assessmentInternet Threat Assessment

Cyber security threat assessment for your business

Businesses face risk every day. It’s a part of getting business done, especially in our digital world. Managing risk is critical, and that process starts with a risk assessment. If you don’t assess your risks, they cannot be properly managed, and your business is left exposed to threats. A successful risk assessment process should align with your business goals and help you cost-effectively reduce risks. Protect your business and data from computer crackers.

Book an Appointment


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Just locking your practice’s front door at night doesn’t mean your practice is totally protected from intrusion or threats. I bet you lock the back door, windows and employee entrance as well. But what about that thin, little wire that brings you the Internet. In today’s ultra-connected world with Internet access on everything from PCs to phones, you must take computer security precautions seriously or put your practice at risk.

Protecting your practice requires you to make network and data security a priority, especially now that more of your records, business transactions and data are digitized and accessible over the Internet.

Not a computer security expert? Here are 10 things you can do to reduce your risk and better protect your practice. Volumes of information have been written on computer security, and this list is certainly not a complete list of all the security safeguards available to you. However, these quick tips go a long way toward protecting you from the nastiness (and costs, time loss and stress) that await the unprotected.

The basic concepts, best practices and technologies below are things you should be familiar with and use in your network operations to keep things safe.

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People often worry about getting viruses on their computers. Not as many people are aware that there is another category of harmful files called spyware that is just as easy to inadvertently download. There are many types of spyware, and these files can cause a long list of problems including increased popup ads, homepage changes, PC slowdown and much more. Follow these simple steps to remove spyware before it wreaks havoc on your system

The first thing you need to do is download Adaware, a free program that identifies and eliminates spyware. Save the installation file to your desktop and double click its icon once completed. Select the language you want Adaware’s text to display in and click “OK.” Click “Next” to progress through the installation screens and enter any required information.

Once the program finishes installing, it will automatically be launched. The first thing you should do is click the “Update” button in the “Definition Status” box. This will ensure that Adaware recognizes the latest spyware files. After you have done this, click “Scan” in the left-hand menu and select “Full Scan.” Next, click the “Scan” button in the bottom, right corner to start the process. The program will try to remove any spyware it comes across on your computer.

If, even after you run Adaware, you are still experiencing spyware related problems, run the scan again in safe mode. To enter safe mode, restart your computer. Before the Windows splash screen display, start tapping “F8.” Using your spyware removal program in this mode will increase the likelihood that you will remove any malicious files for good