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Brooklyn Computer Repair Cost-Consumer

The computer repair rates for consumers are more repair cost brooklyn nyc

For an onsite tech to come to your home or business: $150. Fee covers 1 hour of service.

Basic PC repair charge: $100. 

PC Laptop Screen Repair- Non Touch Screen: $100

PC Laptop Screen Repair -Touch Screen: $150

Macbook Screen Repair: $150 for older model macs.

Mac repairs vary depending on the problem and your computer model.

Apple has made their computers VERY difficult to repair and their ultimate goal is to have all repairs go to the Apple Store. Because of the difficulty working with Macs there are different rates for different procedures.

Macbook Pro keyboard replace: $250 -$300

Macbook pro screen repair/replace: $175- $300 (depending on model) plus the cost of the screen. Macbook screen prices vary based on your computer model. Check prices on amazon to get an idea of what it will cost.

All other macbook repairs will be on a per case basis due to the complex nature of working with apple systems.

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