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broken pc screen repair brooklyn

Cost of Laptop or Macbook Screen Repair in New York City

Our pricing at ShortCircuited  is very simple.


Labor Cost PC:

PC non Touch- $100 plus cost of replacement screen.

Labor cost: PC Touch Screen Replacement- $150 plus cost of replacement screen.  



Parts Cost PC:

LCDs usually cost around $85. Bigger screens cost more. For average costs you can check prices on amazon

For average costs you can check prices on amazon

Check our reviews on yelp.


Labor Cost Macbook / Mac / IMac / Macbook Pro

$150 per screen replacement.


We do NOT dismantle the LCD's in macbook repairs. Entire replacements only

Macbook Pro Screen Costs

Macbook screens usually range in the $250-$400 range.(depending on the year). Retina screens can run in the $400 range.

As apple computers get newer and newer they are making their devices more user unservicible. Due to the difficulty in working with Macs the fee starts slightly higher.


Call or text (text preferred) 347-791-3311 today for more information.

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If you prefer email you can email us here This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




We currently do not do screen repairs on phones. Instead you can check out these guys.

BB Phone Repair. 

You can reach them at 

420 Kingston Ave

Crown Heights, NY 11225347-404-4693

They are close by , the staff is super friendly  and the prices are affordable.

When you get over there tell him I sent ya!. Dude still owes me money! lol! 

No really tho... Go there to get your phones repaired.

Really cool guy. (even tho he owes me a free screen! lol)

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