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Dental Office Construction: Island Pediatric Dentistry

5 Chair Pediatric Dental Office

For this office we did the total IT, networking setup, configuration and installation.

Televisions were mounted in the ceiling for patient viewing.

Telephone system was a hybrid voip system which used the analog phone lines to send out faxes. 

new dental office construction floor plan

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New Dental Office Networking Part Supply List

All these parts can be purchased directly from Amazon

Floor Plan can be accessed here

Office images can be accessed here.

3D Rendering if/when done will be accessed here.


Bulk Ethernet Cables

CAT 6 ethernet cables. This is the wiring we will be using for the network.

Can be used for phone and internet



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You may have noticed some changes around the office recently. Nothing is working, password boxes are popping up. Dr Sam yelling about why the xrays are not giphy (5)working.

Now that the server is in the cloud password security is EXTREMELY important.

So the default windows password we have been using for the "dentist" account has to be changed. So change it!

The New default 'denist' password should be S@msF**************. (Ask deepa what this password is).

Once you are logged into the default 'den** account with the new secure password the mapped drives will open without asking for a password every time you restart.

If the Dentist account does not work use the Staff account


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