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You may have noticed some changes around the office recently. Nothing is working, password boxes are popping up. Dr Sam yelling about why the xrays are not giphy (5)working.

Now that the server is in the cloud password security is EXTREMELY important.

So the default windows password we have been using for the "dentist" account has to be changed. So change it!

The New default 'denist' password should be S@msF**************. (Ask deepa what this password is).

Once you are logged into the default 'den** account with the new secure password the mapped drives will open without asking for a password every time you restart.

If the Dentist account does not work use the Staff account

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Open Dental Software in the CloudThe open dental software is an open source practice management software for dental offices 

One of the first things you should do  as you initially logged into your computer is to open up my computer and browse to the mapped drives that Open Dental uses typically this is a map to drive Z and the folder is called opendentimages 

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Dr Mark Kaufman's Xmas Adventurekaufmanbefore2

We the techs at short circuited computer services really work any time any where. 24 hour computer tech for real!

We were called in to a job on Christmas day 2018. The task was to install a sonicwall router, upgrade the switch and the office network.

When I arrived at the office and got the the networking section , I was confronted with this mess.

Nothing but a spider web of computer networking cables.


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bad printDara and Chris 3d Printer Repair

Chris who owns a really cool business making soap bombs came to us with a 3d printer doing this.

Dara texted me at 3 am. I was up so I responded to her and scheduled and appointment through the online booking form.

Most of our communication was done via text message. That initial job was to switch out the motherboard for a new one that the company provided. After the board was switched to me put the machine back together and did a test print, but the same thing was happening

Qidi 3D Printer

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Computer Repair Toolkit

computer repair toolkit

In your job as a computer repair tech, It is critically important you have all the right tools for the job.

This set is available through Amazon and contains all the major tools you would need to work on a single machine.

 You need screw drivers (multiple types), pry tools, grounding belts, magnetizer.

When working with Macs you will need a variety of screw driver sizes.