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Hello Betty This is Your Security Camera  Install Proposal

This is your personal webpage that I will be using to update you on proposals and the progress of the camera installation project.

 I came out and looked at both properties. It is my analysis that you can have either a wired system or you can go wireless. Wired while in the long run will be more secure and reliable. Wireless systems can be installed at a cheaper price because of the reduced amount of work involved.




In order for the wireless to function properly an access point HAS to be placed inside the building (I suggest on the landing or second floor).

If the access point is left inside the basement, the wireless signal will not make it to the third floor.

I am thinking we can use the light bulb outlets as power supplies for the cameras. There are no power outlets outside the apartment that we can use to power up. Next option will be to run a wire to the basement.



I inspected the property and I did not see any conduits that you mentioned. So the wires will have to be ran in the stairwell, and down to the basement. The wires will then need to be shielded to prevent people from simply cutting the wires. So will need wire sheats. That gets expensive and is labor intensive to install. As you should be able to tell from the images below there is no visible conduit for the wires to go so we will have to route it along the stairwell.

To save on costs you can ALSO run the wires without the protective sheats. While this saves a lot of the expenses it does leave the wires exposed.They can then be stapled in place and painted over. But in any case if someone wants to disable and cut the wires, the sheats do not prevent a determined bad guy.

 But of course bEFORE all of this is done the cable internet companies have to be called out and the internet has to be installed in the basements before I can begin my work.

Shopping List for Wired

DVR Camera Systems come in combinations of 4, 8 and then 16. So if you need more than 4 cameras per building then you will need to go to an 8 ch DVR system.

Zomodo 4 Channel 1TB NVR system. $174

500 ft audio video cable with power 3x $54 or

1000 Ft Ethernet Cable $41

Networking Enclosure $70

Wire Channels (we will need a ton of these for wired access 30x depending on feet per building) $12.50 - $375

LCD Screen for DVR $66

Installation Incidentals $200(cable ends, terminators, molding, mounts,spackle, etc.

Total Material Costs = $1,088

Material costs for 8 Buildings.- $1,088 x 8 = $8,704

Shopping List For Wireless

Typical wifi 4 camera system $200

LCD Screen for DVR $66

TP Link Wireless Access Point $85

Wire Channels 10x approx $12.50  per

Networking Enclosure $70

Installation Incidentals $200(cable ends, terminators, molding, spackle, etc.

Total Material Cost for Wireless Install = $683.50

Material Costs for 8 buildings $683.50 X 8 = $5464

Labor Costs

I will leave this section open to negotiation. We have a policy at shortcircuited that we can and will under sell all of our competitors.

So just like places like Walmart that do price matching , We do the same.

Here is a link to our standard video security camera install prices.

Here is also a link to industry wide video camera costs.

To qualify simply present an invoice or estimate of a competitor and we will give you a price 10% less than that competitor. Guaranteed!!

We offer this incentive to new clients only.

I gave you my proposal and you said it was too high, So if you want you can counter propose. I will be delighted to do this job. I anticipate that this project can be completed within 2 weeks.

To begin work we will need a security deposit of 50% of the job. This will be used to purchase materials etc. Final 50% will be due immediately upon completion of the project. We can also do this on a per building basis.





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