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 amazon cloud certifiedWe are Amazon Web Services Cloud Certified Specialists

If you are constructing a new office or thinking of investing money into physical server infrastructure then you should look into the cloud.

Moving your server infrastructure online to cloud hosted operating systems has never been easier or cheaper. 

A typical small office server from Dell can easily cost upwards of $2500. Then there are monthly fees associates with having an on site server. Electricity alone for a single server can run to over $100 a month. A typical server will last an office on average around 5 years before it outlasts it's usefulness.

 Save money on valuable server infrastructure by moving to the cloud.



You no longer need to spend over $5000 on buying an actual physical server that sits in your office collecting dust and burning electricity.

With the cloud there are:

  • No more server crashes,
  • No more server hard drive failures.
  • No more moody computer technicians coming to your office.

These things are all a thing of the past with cloud computing services.


There will be no more expensive IT visits for hard drive crashes. home top welcome

If you are interested in migrating your office to cloud services let me be the first to congratulate and welcome you to the 21st century.

If you need a witty and reliable tech to get you up and running on the cloud feel free to give our techs a call.



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