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nyc cloud computing services

Cloud Support Services for Small and Medium Businesses in NYC

We Plan, Implement, and Manage Technology for Small to Medium Businesses Based in NYC

We are a global, independent IT advisory firm with deep domain expertise across every layer of the technology stack, from business applications and platforms down to core infrastructure. Our consultants have decades of experience helping clients promote best practice in every IT discipline.

 Shortcircuited Computer Services offers professional cloud services such as; Migration, cloud configuration, monitoring and support, server management, security, and disaster recovery.



What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing is renting resources, like storage space or CPU cycles, on another company's computers. You only pay for what you use. The company providing these services is referred to as a cloud provider. Some example providers are Microsoft, Amazon, and Google.

The cloud provider is responsible for the physical hardware required to execute your work, and for keeping it up-to-date. The computing services offered tend to vary by cloud provider. However, typically they include:

  • Compute power - such as Linux servers or web applications
  • Storage - such as files and databases
  • Networking - such as secure connections between the cloud provider and your company
  • Analytics - such as visualizing telemetry and performance data

 aws certified cloud technician nyc


Implementation: Master speed and agility

  • Engineer your cloud infrastructure
  • Establish governance through a cloud business center
  • Update and transform legacy technology and business operations through cloud migration and application modernizationTransform legacy technology and business operations through cloud migration and modernization
  • Grow and innovate through cloud native application development


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