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What is 5G, how fast is it, and when is it coming? - Business InsiderDump your landline! Get a 5g hotspot!

Why are you still using a landline?

It has arrived people! 5g is finally here! This is the time business owners who were plagued with crappy internet speeds.

No more do we have to deal with building regulations to "upgrade" heir land speed capabilities.

So the question I must ask of you... With all this blazing fast internet speeds available in the air. Why are you still chugging along with slow land based internet service providers?


Star InactiveStar InactiveStar InactiveStar InactiveStar Inactive Amazon Photos: Appstore for AndroidThere is nothing that sounds better to a dental office manager than the word "free".

One of the major concerns digital dental and medical offices will have to deal with in the future is patient image backup.

Use Amazon photos to back up ALL your patient images for free. And the process is fully automatic. Once the software is installed on a machine, it does an automatic scan of your hard drive and uploads all of your images to the amazon cloud.

Amazon photos uses artificial intelligence to automatically group similar people. It is all done automatically. Once images

 Looking for a free online photograph backup solution for your medical or dental office? Look no further than amazon photos.


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amazon connectAmazon Connect in your Dental or Medical Office

 What is Amazon Connect

Amazon Connect is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud customer contact center service. Amazon Connect enables customer service representatives to respond to phone calls or chat inquiries from end customers just as if the contact center infrastructure was set up and managed on premises.

While the terms "cloud-based" and "as-a-service" aren't typically associated with a call center, that seems to be what Amazon is getting at with Connect. Amazon Web Services (AWS) customers can configure and deploy Connect through the AWS Management Console, and their company will be able to start taking customer service calls within minutes.

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How to Setup EZ Dent 4 on the Cloud Setup Using AWS

Below are general guidelines for setting up a cloud hosted server, then setting up to an EZ Dent 4 server.

To store images and documents in the cloud we use Amazon S3 services with encryption enabled.

There are a few companies who offer virtual servers that you can use to set up EZ Dent 4, we will be using Amazon Web Services (AWS): and the EC2 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Web Service (Amazon EC2).

Below are the general setup steps to be followed


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How to Update your AWS Security Groups to Permit Inter-Office Traffic

Security in today's environment is extermely critical. The MOST important step in moving to the cloud is securing your data. This is how you update your AWS instance to accept internet traffic from your properties only.

If your office is set up for dynamic IP addressing you will have to re-visit the steps on this page around once a month. A simple way to determine if your security group IP address will need to be updated is you see messages like the 'no mysql hosts' message below, office wide and no mapped drives will be able to connect.

no msql hosts found

1: Log in to AWS and go to the EC2 homepage

aws ec2 homepage