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Looking for a simple way to increase your computer’s speed and performance?

This goal is simpler than you may think and can be done without formatting your hard drive or purchasing expensive upgrades. All you need to do is use the Microsoft configuration utility, AKA: MSconfig.

This utility can be used to help your computer boot faster and crash less frequently. MSconfig comes standard with most versions of Windows, excluding Windows ’95 and 2000. Luckily, the windows ’98 version is compatible with ’95, and the XP version with 2000. These standalone files can be found online and run from your desktop. Computer repair companies will often charge hundreds of dollars to take care of performance and software issues that can be solved simply by using this free tool.

To launch MSconfig, go to the start menu and select “Run.” Enter “msconfig” into the text box that opens and click “OK.” When the utility window opens, select the “Startup” tab. This will present you with a list of every program that boots up automatically with your computer. You will likely see icons for many of these programs in the taskbar next to your PC’s clock.

If you have any questions about the specific items in your “startup” tab, feel free to contact Jeremy from Be Your Own IT. Remember, resolving your own computer issues is often easier than you think and can save you hundreds of dollars.