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Create a Distribution List In Outlook 

Microsoft Outlook distribution lists can save you a lot of time if you frequently e-mail the same groups of people time and time again. Follow these easy steps to simplify your online messaging.

Click the “New” button near the top left corner and select “Distribution List.” Enter a name for the list – such as family, friends or work – so that is indicative of the people it applies to. Next, go to “Select Members” and choose the e-mail contacts you want to include in the list. Click “OK” to close this window after you are done, followed by “Save and Close.”

To use the list you just created, open a new e-mail, click “To,” and choose the list from this window.  When you send your e-mail, it will go to every address in your distribution list. You can edit the members later by returning to the “Distribution List” window.