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We Install Audio and Video Surveillance Systems (nanny cams) in NYC

Short Circuited’s NYC security camera installations are done by professional installers that have  extensive expertise in the business of video security systems in NYC. Our selection of security cameras are based on several factors. A site survey is necessary to determine where exactly each camera is to be installed. Also what type of camera is the most appropriate for that location.  With the customer's  feedback regarding his needs of coverage - field of view . We can determine if the security camera are meant to be a deterrent, or to be obvious and to "send a message" . These type of cameras makes people aware and can sometimes prevent  criminal activity. The more discrete cameras, semi discrete dome type – can be installed in restaurants, where customers may not like to know they’re on camera. Hidden cameras are meant more for catching rather than preventing the wrong doing. Most of the time business owners would like cameras that prevent the wrong doing, than to catch it. Catching leads to sometimes unpredictable consequences. We also install nanny cams in NYC.


A CCTV system in Brooklyn NYC can be comprised of outdoor cameras (weather resistant) or indoor cameras, vandal resistant or just plastic cover cameras. They come in different shapes and colors to accommodate the most demanding needs – sometimes to blend in with the environment, sometimes to be obvious. Today, we install most of the CCTV security cameras are digital color with infra red LEDs (color by day, black and white IR by night) or low lux (.00) sensitivity especially in places with low light condition like example bars. The most common security cameras are dome cameras (used in well illuminated places with low ceilings) or bullet cameras. Also, DSP cameras ( Digital Signal Processing ) are high end cameras due to the fact the image is digitally processed for a better quality image inside the camera before the image is sent to the recorder. A wireless NYC security camera is used mostly when cameras are mounted outside and when you have line-of-site and the video signal doesn't get blocked by concrete or solid walls with large metal beams. Also, wireless security systems are installed where you need to view across areas where you can’t run wires in public areas.



The digital video recorders are PC BASED and can play back instantly by time and date –  using the click of a mouse or DVR stand alone based on pushing buttons or using a remote control. By using a DVR PC based you can search an event that took place up to seconds ago or months ago, by a click of a mouse, Based on the capacity of the Hard Disk Drive(s). You can burn the events on a HDD, CD, CD-RW, DVD, Flash Card or Memory Stick depending on the architecture of the digital video recorder.



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