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Vagrant Bot /Beggar Bot

 What the VagrantBot aspires to be

The potential for empowering homeless people through digital technology, describes the role of digital technology in the lives of homeless and vulnerable people today.

Digital technology can enhance lives by giving a voice to those who didn’t feel as though they had one:

  • As a resource for information about work,
  • Finding Shelter and food
  • Providing entertainment
  • Means of communication.


With the coming wave of robotics and artificial intelligence the last to reap the benefits of this technology will be the poor, homeless and elderly.

The main focus of Shortcircuited Robotics will be to bring this tech to this community.

It is estimated that on a given night, almost 53,000 youth ages 18 to 24 are living on the streets, in a shelter, or an alternative living situation


Currently Robot tech is currently being used against the homeless communities. Robots are being used to prevent homeless people from setting up tent homes in San Francisco.


 Hopefully one day there will not be homeless people on our streets and we would not need tech like this.

Mobile technologies have been increasingly used to deliver health and mental health care resources. Mobile mental health interventions make use of the ubiquity of smartphone ownership to provide interventions that can reach people where they are at, including the times and places people need them the mos

Vagrant Bot Currently


 We have to start somewhere.

For beta testing I am going to use an old Rooma Discovery to power the base and wheels










An Ethical Obligation to Solve the Problem

I’m encouraged by the number of tech entrepreneurs who are building the tools and services that can decrease, and hopefully someday eliminate, homelessness in North America. If we want to eradicate homelessness, it will take all of us. This is a call to action, particularly for those of us in the tech community, to support the entrepreneurs building solutions to the root issues of homelessness.

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