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doobie delivery drone

Drone deliveries in an urban setting are extremely difficult. 

Listed are some of the  many factors to consider when considering drone deliveries in an urban setting:

  • More people to avoid
  • More vehicles to avoid,
  • Lack of proper and safe landing zones,
  • Power lines,
  • Birds and other flying obstacles.
  • Theft of drones.

This is why we decided to start our drone delivery system in Long island NY. Someone has to do it.



Benefits of Delivery Drones

  • Reduced road congestion – Companies are looking into drone technology to do delivery tasks. Lesser delivery trucks or vans on the road will drastically help in reducing the road conjunction.
  • Reduced environmental pollution – Delivery drones are known to be more convenient than delivery trucks and are also more efficient. Drones will drastically reduce carbon emission hence protecting the environment to some extent.
  • Reduced delivery time – Delivery drones carry packages to the desired setpoint without getting affected by road traffic conjunction and on a planned optimized route. Customers will get their delivery in less than 30 mins.
  • Reduced transportation cost – Drone shipping has several benefits for both businesses and customers. Delivery times are reduced from two to three days, down to a matter of hours, plus there is less chance of a package being damaged during transit and handling as drone flight is pretty smooth.



In-air and on route

Just like any aircraft, delivery drones have to anticipate with the laws of physics and aerodynamics. The design of delivery drones appears in all shapes and sizes. In a four-rotor drone, two blades spin clock-wise and other two counter clock-wise. Thus, the thrust generated by the rotation of the blades, along with stabilization technology, maintains the drone’s position in the air. However, for delivery purposes, the extra load carried by the drone needs to be considered. The bigger package requires a more robust and efficient performance drone to carry out the delivery operation.

For delivery drones to fly independently, beyond visible line-of-sight technology is needed. Guided by GPS systems, drones will be able to deliver packages to the customer’s location. But may encounter potential obstacles. Whether a bird, tree or even another drone, automatic sense and avoid systems is required to prevent in-air and ground accidents. Unmanned traffic managementsystem (UTM) would control the skies shortly. Built-in sensors and cameras will be able to identify a nearby object’s proximity and speed, enabling the drone to take a responsive action to avoid the obstacle.



While many drones can be autonomous, challenges are numerous, like landing a drone in a known or unknown environment. Dropping packages to delivering them from the air is no small challenge to work on.

Also, there are security risks, as drones are expensive machinery, people will want to steal or damage it.

There is a factor of customer safety as well which currently all the big players in the drone delivery industry are facing. Challenges are plenty but with great software, development time, and enough training, all these problems can be fixed.

When is this going to Begin?

We are currently developing our app. Initial LIDAR surveys or areas will have to be made to map obstacles.

We expect to be up fully functional and operating by 2022


Drones are set to become the future of logistics with their reduced cost, higher convenience and delivery time less than 30 minutes. Online retailers like Amazon have already started to offer test deliveries in selected cities. Over the next few years, test runs and pilot programs will shape the future generation of drones. It is estimated that by 2022 we will see the beginning of complex drone delivery systems in action.

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