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Ransomware/Malware NYC Business Systems

Protect your office against ransomware

Schedule a free security consult today.
With the viral rise of ransomware spreading faster than the common cold.
Crackers are making tons of money off of weak security protocols and infecting systems in medical and dental environments.
Call 347-791-3311 to set up a consultation for your home or office.
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cyber security

Secure your Company Against Cyber Threats

cyber threats
With cyber crime on the rise in New York City and Brooklyn areas. It becomes even more necessary to update outdated security protocols .
We also Install video surveillance systems with mobile access.
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Dentrix Tech Support

We offer technical support for the dentrix versions G4 and prior. Offices that have lapsed with their Henry Schein Tech Support, we offer a more affordable option.

24 Hour NYC Computer Technician
On demand 24 hour computer technicians in the Brooklyn and NYC areas. Call us at 347-791-3311.

Backup Tasks

A portable hard drive secured with a security device to ensure against physical theft of the device.
Having backups that run during office hours can considerably slow down the system. Best to do backups afer hours.
This ensures that data saved will be reliable in the chance of system failure
As a last resort/redundancy precedure it is highly recommended that cloud based backup systems are utilized.

Dental/Medical Office New Construction

Congrats on making the step of opening your own office. One of the most important aspects to consider when constructing a new office is the IT infrastructure. We are here to guide you in the proper setting up of your network..

We also install video security systems to protect your staff and your business.

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